About Us

At Tip Tax Solutions, you come first.

Tip Tax Solutions is a full service tax company dedicated to assisting taxpayers  nationwide with all of their tax related needs. Originally founded as a  tax resolution company affiliated with Attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled  Agents, TTAX is growing into a leading national provider of tax  resolution, tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting services. As we  have evolved and grown, Tip Tax has remained dedicated to its founding mission and principals; top notch customer service, a guarantee  on our work and a commitment to customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes. Given Tip Tax’s extensive history of helping tens of  thousands of taxpayers face difficult situations with both the Internal  Revenue Service IRS and/or State Taxing Authorities; we truly understand  and care about our customers’ individual needs. Our dedicated tax  professionals will work with you to custom tailor a tax strategy geared not just towards the present, but the future as well. 

Full Service Tax Firm

  If you are simply looking, to have your tax returns  prepared, you have come to the right place. Tip Tax’s thorough tax  preparation process involves an assignment of a dedicated tax agent,  filing an IRS power of attorney and ordering and evaluating IRS tax  records to ensure that no income or expense is unaccounted for, or lost  in the shuffle. Once your personal or your business’s tax return is completed, a seasoned CPA and member of TTAX’s tax return review team will thoroughly analyze all work performed to ensure the quality of the final product  delivered to our clients. All returns prepared by Tip Tax come  with an audit guarantee, as we will always stand by our work.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services For 1099, Small, & Medium Size Businesses

In addition to resolving delinquent tax liabilities and filing all  past, present and future tax returns, Tip Tax offers a full  service bookkeeping program for all small to medium sized businesses and  self-employed individuals. Often times, disorganization is a major  culprit of tax liabilities, and many issues are easily avoidable with  ongoing bookkeeping. TTR’s highly skilled accountants will track all income and expenses monthly so that when it comes time to filing your tax returns, everything is seamless and smooth , thereby  optimizing your tax savings. This program will ensure compliance with  all individual and corporate deadlines, and will allow you to focus on  what is most important: growing and managing your day to day business.

Tip Tax prides itself on truly being a “one stop shop” for all  of your tax related needs. Call us today for more information on how we can help you save money. Our team of tax professionals is standing by ready to be of service to you.